Singapore Writers Festival presents Utter Redux 2018: The Bigger Picture


Singapore Writers Festival and Sinema Media are pleased to present Utter Redux 2018! In this one-day conference, discover local films based on local literature in a series of screenings, talks, and workshops.

Utter, an offering of the Singapore Writers Festival, showcases the best of Singaporean writing and celebrates its potential to be adapted into different media and across languages. Since 2013, it has produced numerous short films, giving audiences fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of our homegrown authors. A retrospective of past films, Utter Redux seeks to recontextualise its body of work and bring its stories to a new audience.

Literature and cinema have always been a mirror to everyday society - together, they present a bigger picture of our lives and times on this small insatiable island. Learn about the craft of filmmaking, all the way from print to screen; explore social issues through insightful panel discussions; or just sit back, relax, and catch films you may not have seen before.

23 September 2018

12:00 PM - 9:30 PM

The Possibility Room, Level 5, National Library

Refreshments will be provided.

Registration starts 15min before each session.

$15 Day Pass (All Sessions)

$12 Concession Day Pass (All Sessions, for Students, Seniors, NSFs)

$5 per Session

Please note that Concession Day Pass holders must bring valid ID.

Is the Singaporean Dream every Singaporean’s dream? Do we all share the same drive to chase after credits and credentials? Yet in our pursuit of all things greater, what gets left behind? Three short films examine the dreams of people who call Singapore home, followed by a panel discussion on the pursuit of such dreams and the things that are sacrificed in return.


The Giant (dir. Henry and Harry Zhuang)

A school of fishes is washed up on a barren island. Instead of swimming back to sea, one red fish decides to venture deeper into the barren island. Based on The Giant by Tan Swie Hian.

Penghulu (dir. Lillian Wang)

From his HDB flat, an ex-village headman reminisces about the days of open seas and a simpler life. Based on Penghulu by Suratman Markasan.

That Afternoon We Went To See The Pandas (dir. Ric Aw, Pok Yue Weng)

A young Sichuan couple relocates to Singapore for a greater future, but time pulls them further from their dreams and identity. Based on 出蜀记 by Liang Wern Fook.


Julian Wong (Associate Editor, Rice Media)

Lillian Wang (Director)

Suratman Markasan (Author)

Alfian Sa'at (Author)

Moderator: Leong Puiyee (Programme Manager, Singapore International Film Festival and Objectifs)

As familiar faces wrinkle and footsteps slow, the plight of the elderly becomes increasingly apparent. Films have portrayed countless lonely grandparents - but how accurately does this reflect real lives? In this session, four short films explore the cruelties that come with age, followed by a panel discussion on elderly representation in media and their involvement in the arts community.


At Your Doorstep (dir. Don Aravind)

A widowed mother who suffers from chronic loneliness only has her fading memories of her son and his family for company. Based on Peaks by Kalamadevi Aravindhan.

Tin Kosong (dir. Sanif Olek)

Odd-job worker Somad collects tins for a living and encounters a wide range of people as he travels around Singapore. Based on Tin Kosong by Muhammad Salihin Sulaiman.

Going Home (dir. Kenny Tan)

An elderly man returns to his old residence to visit an old friend and finds himself confronted with the harsh realities of ageing. Based on 回家 by Lin Jin.

Buying a Coffin (dir. Joanna Ng)

A battle of pride and selfish gains splits a group of cousins as they pick a befitting coffin for their grandfather’s funeral. Based on 买棺 by Xi Ni Er.


Catherine Sng (Founder, The Glowers Drama Group)

Joanna Ng (Director)

Sanif Olek (Director)

Muhammad Salihin Sulaiman (Author)

Moderator: Dr Michael Tan (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University)

Lean in close, take a scene apart, and see how it ticks. In this workshop session, film scenes will be dismantled and compared side by side with its script and the original fiction story it was based on. Each stage of the scene will be examined; from writing the script to bringing it to life in front of the camera.


One Hour To Daylight

(Selected scenes, based on We’d Wanted To Rob A Bank by Xi Ni Er)

A tapestry of stories set in a present-day Singaporean estate. The estate's inhabitants lead separate lives, spanning different races, nationalities, and social classes, but all are intertwined and collide in the Curry Incident.


Tan Wei Ting (Screenwriter)

Nicholas Chee (Founder and Managing Director, Sinema Media)

Making films is a long, daunting endeavour - perhaps even more so when it's based on existing works by important literary figures. Two directors - one for live action, the other for animation - walk through their filmmaking process from pre-production to post-production. This workshop will touch on a myriad of aspects, such as adapting the text to script, putting together a visual style, and paying respects to the film's literary roots.


That Loving Feeling (dir. Wee Li Lin)

In celebration of New Year’s Eve 1964, socially-awkward Ena is determined to kickstart 1965 with a new beginning. Based on Homecoming by Gopal Baratham.

What Has To Be (dir. Jerrold Chong)

A husband and wife grapple with the tragic death of their firstborn as they await the arrival of their second child. Based on What Has To Be by S. Rajaratnam.


Wee Li Lin (Director)

Jerrold Chong (Director)

Moderator: Nicholas Chee (Founder and Managing Director, Sinema Media)

2016 | English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil with English & Chinese subtitles | 77 min | PG

Cultural and social tensions threaten to divide the inhabitants of a present-day Singaporean estate. A lift technician, Chen, dies in an unfortunate work site accident, and his wife travels here from China to collect his body. Overseeing this case is ambitious Malay lawyer, Andy, who disregards both his wife’s objections and the possible consequences of giving their daughter, Dela, a Dream Device, to better her studies. Dela’s classmate, Alyssa, has to live with both her grandparents in the absence of her mother, and she knocks heads with them constantly due to their class differences. She seeks comfort in her best friend, Wei Ting, whose father, a jobless middle-aged man, decides to rob a bank with Chen’s Bangladeshi co-worker, Nayeem. Their lives, though separate, are intertwined, and all collide in the Curry Incident.


Jonathan Choo

D. Vel Murugan

Sufyan Sam'an

Jacky Lee

Based on:

Harmonious Residences by Jeremy Tiang

Alyssa / Alyssa Again by Latha

Per(anti) Mimpi 1.0 by Chempaka Aizim

We’d Wanted To Rob A Bank by Xi Ni Er

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Sun Sep 23, 2018
12:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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